Saturday, 16 October 2010

rswhat? RSS

It's come to my attention that many of my readers could benefit from knowing what rss is. It's a way of getting updates to blogs and other sites that you regularly visit without having to actually visit them to check if there's anything new. Here's a video, in German because all the English ones I came across were quite annoying. To read about it in English go here.

As I have a yahoo email account, I use My Yahoo to see the rss updates, but google reader (not email account related) seems to be the most popular. Set up an rss feed, I dare you. It's not revolutionary, but if you regularly check more than one site (which surely everyone with internet access does) it will make your life a little easier. And remember to add this blog to your feed by clicking the little orange button on the top right:)


  1. Great that you´re rss-able now! i see that i´ve missed a lot of great posts; now it´ll be easier :)

  2. it's always been rss-able, darling;) Very happy to have another subscriber

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